Discount Coupon Code Link Extension DemosView extension demo with magento frontend and backend

Automatically Apply Discount Coupon Code Via Link.
It is great to use “Discount Coupon Code Link” in newsletter campaigns, emails, marketing blogs etc...

Support multiple websites

Quick and professional multi-store setup, assign redirection url website-wise for each coupon code link.

Coupon Link Click Report

View report of “No. of Views” for particular coupon code link.

Coupon Code link with redirection

Use “Link with redirection” in case of email, newsletter or any promotion.

Coupon Code link without redirection

Use “Link without redirection” in case if you want to show banner in same website like “50% off” and you want customer to stay on same page when user click on it.

Miscellaneous Scripts

Add Google Analytics, Tag manager or any tracking code or script that you want to execute when discount coupon code link is opened.

Success Message

Enable/Disable success message lightbox popup with custom message.

100% open code

Open source code with best Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility.

Easy Configurations

Friendly and flexible configuration with Include jQuery Library, Miscellaneous Scripts, Success Message Popup, Custom Success Message etc...

jQuery Library

Easy to include jQuery Library from configuration in case if you are not using jQuery in front-end section.

Extension BENEFITS

Using this module, customer doesn’t needs to enter coupon code at cart. Customer can apply coupon code with just one click on link.

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